Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a detection technology that uses pulsed laser to cauterize substances to produce plasma, and uses plasma emission spectroscopy to qualitatively or quantitatively analyze the element composition of substances. In this technology, the transient plasma is generated by the interaction between high-power density laser and material, and the atomic and ion emission spectra in the plasma are collected by optical system. The qualitative or quantitative analysis of chemical elements is realized by analyzing the spectral information.

CNI launched laser induced breakdown spectroscopy system is compact, integrated, fast and easy to use. The system can directly detect the samples without without collecting and preparing samples separately. It made features of rapid analysis and real-time detection of multi-elements. At the same time, the system can adapt to the harsh testing environment and can be used for detection and analysis of solid, liquid, gas samples and slurry substances. It is widely used in the fields of environmental monitoring, alloy detection and ore detection, etc. It is a practical analytical instrument in laboratory and industrial field.

  • Coaxial design of excitation optical path and acquisition optical path;
  • Internal control/ external control dual mode;
  • Output Q signal synchronously;
  • Two-dimensional precision adjustment platform is installed in the sample room;
  • The height of the lifting platform can be adjusted to realize the detection of samples of different sizes;
  • Integrated system design and simple operation.