Multi-channel Spectrometer

CNI developed Rainbow series Multi-channel spectrometer with the features of wide spectral range and high resolution. With synchronous delay device to ensure synchronous acquisition between channels, the highest resolution up to 0.1nm. It is suitable for high resolution detection in wide spectal range. CNI can also customize the different channels of the spectrometers according to different customers’ demands. 


  • Dimensions: 155*262*168mm;
  • Computer interface: USB 2.0 and USB 1.0;
  • Power supply: 220VAV, 50-60Hz;
  • Fiber connector: SMA905/ FC (Multi-in-one fiber can be customized according to the channel quantity).


  • High resolution;
  • Customized the quantity of channels and spectral range;
  • Include synchronous delay device;
  • Internal/ external control mode;
  • Suitable for Spectral Analysis and LIBS software .


  • Plasma spectral analysis;
  • Soil pollution analysis;
  • Heavy metal analysis;
  • Food safety analysis;
  • Biological analysis.